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The Coalition for Civic Engagement


As the United States moves closer and closer to becoming a majority-BIPOC nation, it is imperative that our electoral politics include the diverse experiences of our community and centers our leaders. The Coalition for Civic Education is a grassroots campaign organized to ensure that the perspectives and experiences of our community are centered and highlighted for not just the 2020 election, but for all elections going forward. From late August to November 3rd, our amazing interns worked tirelessly to not only host virtual panels and teach-ins at college campuses across the state of CA for any and all to attend, but also crafted a robust social media campaign aimed and educating more people on topics ranging from how to vote by mail to civic engagement beyond the vote.

Coalition for Civic Education: About

Meet our Team

Coalition for Civic Education: Team Members
Alexis Garcia

Alexis Garcia

Campaign Organizer


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