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The Healing Blog

For any and all in our community

The Healing Blog is a space for anyone in our community to express themselves, clear their mind, and use writing as a form of healing. Writing is at the center of our healing journey at the Project and want to create a safe space here for you to explore what might be new terrain.

Notebook and Pen
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Thanks for that

162 days since the death of Breonna Taylor and all I got was black squares so thanks for that Zimmerman markets murdering a child and we still got confederate statues so thanks for that trans women are missing or murdered and I can add #BLM to my Tinder profile so thanks for that Voting is uprooted, protesters are beaten, and the secret police made their surprise appearance but the next VP is black so thanks for that Children stuck in cages, farmworkers breathing ash, prisone

Mi Carta de Amor a La Comunidad Negrx, #BLM

A mí querida comunidad Negrx, Tú lucha es mí lucha. He decidido hace mucho tiempo a dedicar mí vida a esta lucha. Quiero hacer algo que cambia nuestro mundo, nuestras vidas. Algo que valga la pena. Ustedes siempre han luchado por los derechos y problemas de los latinxs y hispanos. Siempre y sin falta. Se que ahorita todos tienen confusión y muchos sentimientos, pero quiero que sepan que nosotros estarémos aquí. Tienen todo el derecho de sentir sus sentimentos, tristeza, felic

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