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Beautiful Black Boy

Beautiful Black Boy, please let go. You challenge yourself to hold the weight of the world in your hands and I see your struggle. I see you struggling, I see your pain. The world will call again for you to perform in due time, so let go now and rest. You'll need it in the morning.

Beautiful Black Boy, please let go. Release your anger to the world, feel the surge exit your body. Push yourself to lose it all, release it to the universe, as harbored anger will be your downfall. Your anger is a tool you must learn to wield, wield it right and it will liberate you.

Beautiful Black Boy, please let go. The world is chaotic and complex so relinquish the need to make sense of it. To try to understand is to try to exact control and soon you will learn that control is unattainable. Breath through the pain they inflict on you and never listen to a word they say about you. You may hear them, you may see them, but promise me you'll never believe them. Promise? Good.

Beautiful Black Boy, please let go. Yes, you are strong. Yes, you are manly. Please learn to be emotional, to be empathetic. Please learn to be vulnerable, it will make you stronger, I promise. Yes, you are beautiful. Yes, you are loved. Yes, you are loved. Yes, you are loved.

Beautiful Black Boy, please let go. I hear you. I see you. I love you. That's something you must always know. Promise? Good.

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