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It’s time to say it...

Enough is enough. Enough silence. Enough frustration. Enough pain.

Enough of keeping your thoughts and voice anonymous, because those hidden thoughts and words hold meaning and value to folx who have been through similar situations. You are a person of color, and you have been through hurtful times, but now more than ever, your black brothers and sisters need you. Speak up and make sure that those words are heard in every corner, use them as a way of healing. End the hate.

It’s time to be there for the black community, and show them that you care. Support them through these difficult times, and provide a shoulder that they can lean on. End the pain.

You’ve seen them get wounded time and time again with words and actions of hate, but it doesn't need to go further. Be there to support them when they are ready to speak, and make sure that they are heard. End the silence.

You no longer need to live in shadows and be fearful of speaking your mind. Use your voice, no matter who tells you that you can’t. It’s time to say enough, and stand arms linked with one another against acts of hate. End the division.

You and all people of color need to say enough. Remind one another that we must not fear showing our skin, use our voice and be heard. No more hiding in the shadows. End the fear.

You must defend, love, respect and support black lives. Fight for them and remind them of their importance in your life by saying enough to aggressions against your folx within your communities. Together you can both say enough is enough. End the violence.

Black lives matter, people of color matter, they are valued and they cannot be silenced any further. It’s time for change. Continue to defend and speak up to those who want to silence you. End oppression.

Enough is enough. It’s time to say it.

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