Thanks for that

162 days since the death of Breonna Taylor and all I got was black squares so thanks for that

Zimmerman markets murdering a child and we still got confederate statues so thanks for that

trans women are missing or murdered and I can add #BLM to my Tinder profile so thanks for that

Voting is uprooted, protesters are beaten, and the secret police made their surprise appearance but the next VP is black so thanks for that

Children stuck in cages, farmworkers breathing ash, prisoners fighting fires, but Tesla stock’s skyrockets so thanks for that

Police on video beating, incarcerating, lynching but you need law and order so thanks for that

Mass unemployment, mass incarceration, masks made by slaves but you reposted on Insta so thanks for that

300 years building this country but I still can't buy a house, let alone my 30 acres so thanks for that

Proxy war in Yemen, concentration camp in China, neo-nazis in Poland but its all the media’s fault so thanks for that

Un-housed, under-employment, over-policed but Bezos is a trillionaire so thanks for that

Pesticides, Police, Protesting masks are killing people but your body, your choice so thanks for that

Right to life unless your Black, Brown, Queer, Trans but its your opinion so thanks for that

Lynchings in the streets of Caracas, Tehran, Los Angeles but you need a photo-op so thanks for that

Dying children in Yemen, Syria, Honduras, Texas but you need border security so thanks for that

Culture, language, musical appropriation but you wanted my movement too so thanks for that

We’re dying in these streets trying to be free but you wanted my movement too so thanks for that

We’re dying in these streets trying to be free but you don’t want to work so thanks for that

We’re dying in these streets trying to be free, you did this to me!......... so thanks for that

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